The general election, Hispanic stylist flied in Afghanistan

London greatly small clothing designer, want more than this goal, not only should jump carp, for eighteen use martial arts, even a little “fathers upstream of small luck with independent, such as just less than five years Yousefzada Osman dress stylist, as second-generation immigrants, although Kate Moss and Vogue British edition, all buy his clothes, but he can become the recent media spotlight London sizes obviously and his Afghan lineage.
Since the michelle Obama WuJiGang stylist Jason (Asian), the general election Wu Mrs Candidates in popular support their native brand and strength, Hispanic immigrants designers. David Cameron, for example, Mrs. The candidate with a model figure, samantha, she went close to people, Martha department of route. Parity Incumbent prime minister Gordon’s wife Sarah is a time of micro fat, she has been actively involved in middle-aged London fashion industry’s size, physically support to young designers. Now election, Sarah began to consider how to help my husband won the immigration votes. This kind of circumstance, Afghanistan and very good at designing clothing lineages of Osman Ottoman) (emerge as the reds, she recently Sarah, his breath to order five skirt. At that time, the fashion circle of people began to inquire outside, hausmann, who is he?

This year, 36 Ottoman in Birmingham, home grown six people have brothers and sisters. Small shop, mom running for Asian women making traditional gown, hausmann dozen small helped mother, his father was quite being second banana conservative Muslim parents never hope son as a tailor. The Ottoman grew was the university of London school, but the

anthropological from Birmingham conservative family Afghan African boy quickly by London attractive nightlife, attracted all the time, when he spent began to give yourself a gorgeous dress on the party, not a few months he left London university. He tried to famous costume design, but because of the university of London school of debt, forced to return to Birmingham. After tossing, young African boy’s life in Afghanistan, the prodigal son finally returned to daily orbit at university college London, as return back after diploma to Cambridge. A period of time after the administrative personnel and the boring in September 2005, the Ottoman formally decided: I want to be a fashion designer.
Though expensive for the prime minister’s wife, stylist Ottoman concede life still distress: “the day is always JinBaBa, a bit neurotic the heat and sighed,” he told reporters: oneself everyday for survival in order to receive a struggle, but will fortify to £7, casting a sophisticated clothing show.

During his visit, the time for potential investors, and suppliers, every night after bargaining at he didn’t have time to do. Design inspiration in his bath usually appears in a mirror, he will use towel wrapped himself again. In his opinion, “precise cutting like cosmetic surgery, helps the body appropriately handle dewlap, making at least one look long legs.” British edition Ed is Vogue of his mentor, she told him: “fashion shouldn’t and age. 20 and 50 years old lady girls can wear very fashionable.
Although his fame and his Afghan ancestry, hausmann insisted: “I’m a British man, I’m with the British cultural diversity.”

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See the man from the dressing method

See the man from the dressing herve leger method for their taste: many men wear not fastidious, even the most basic lack of tie-in problem, resulting in loss in front of female image is very serious. Let us look at those clad method is the most not when it.

The suit is tie-in, not the appreciation in their “suit” wear short-sleeved shirt in strain capacity, or criticized for their western etiquette education of the serious lack of clothing. Remember correctly, and only when you are on top, complete suit herve leger bandage dress must wear long-sleeved shirt.

Suit bag with sundry

In some places we met many pants pocket suit or fraternity stuffed with leather, key, mobile phone, change, PDA, such as object destruction will only looks elegant texture, best suit is not put any likelihood when things, and it is easy to cause the suit deformation, experts advise if you don’t want to let these goods, best can choose a sense of cortical bag to put right.

Shirts are to wear

Many brothers always thought in the shirt even some within the coat of edge grinding, small stain should not affect the appearance, however is decent is easy to give a person a Hermes Handbag kind of military, especially the performance of wear neckties. Especially After all, the suit is very exquisite, even created under the shirt is not suit to ignore, particularly in the shirt cuffs, appear more avoid wear knitting, yellow or besmirch, etc. Besides shirt cuffs and long relationship with suits, experts say, should be both hands is lop, long sleeve shirt sleeve over suit Moncler about 0.5 cm to 1 cm for beauty and polite, But with the shirt of leisure suit, inside the shirt sleeve will not come to light.

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Men’s conference – suit pants 2011

Recall that 2011 chun xia men and this herve leger season than last season, there are many details of the constant change is to continue this preference suit with traditional tie-in knickers, such collocation means to seem small gradually extended to the public.

This season and dolce &gabbana different season, the feeling is very rural, shopping bags, paper models portable color suit with edge knickers, relaxed

A whole series of Thom Browne mostly suit with shorts, citric yellow lips very ghost horse, fish, some graphics which tong qu
Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons, she is the landmark of the suit with low dang pants, skeletal pattern let whole collocation more distinct personality
The design is very seriously Rolf & comparison of fabric, suit brought on smooth fabric (or the color of chitin) with smooth and kung was sealed make lumbar fabrics, the details of the texture shorts contrast feeling very delicate.
Noten Van – the suit with the very concise pants of his signs – national elements, the feeling is clean, relaxed and optional
Agnes. B always walk herve leger bandage dress concise design line, this one season to continue his classic black and white ash, fabrics texture is very good
Jil Sander is opposite, color contrast, red fizzles out of the blue and yellow color and jump very stimulating the big aptly

Kenzo design is very implicative, depth of color, fabric in colour collocation suits stripe shorts are hold proper

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See the ideal to take a secret chanel fashion addiction

The World Cup herve leger is a visual regale, let the person DianSanDaoSi love ball had enough eyes fan! Meanwhile the world also have a visual feast, that is, “chanel secret ideal. Very early on chanel has peculiar affection, and I believe that a lot of, for this woman is incomparable beauty and talent and fascinating. In her belief in love, no matter how intoxicated, always remember – the company’s business life is. Finally to theaters taste the French fashion, reveal a woman of strong returns with mysterious beauty, in the whole movie costumes of visible. Fashion modeling of many window, let a person experience of a thorough manner of unconventional talented:

With a suit, and pleat hat
Chanel garment has been walking in front, leading the fashion of women in the film, the aesthetic breakthrough is not exceptional also, see ms chanel, white shirts and ties with dark, dark dust coat, black close-fitting cortex, gloves, a dark DaYanMao appearing in the simple elegance, handsome neutral beauty fascinating ~ ~ especially like she was beautiful, Coco pleat contained in the determination of personality in the herve leger bandage dress body, tie-in.
Second, the black paint with the leng yan

Black is said to eternal colour, compared to white, but undoubtedly more mysterious, more elegant, but also very easy to feel boring. This small black dress, with gauze qualitative material collocation with bright, good resolved black drab, add black gauze, gloves, have the charm, haggard really cool!
Third, the elegant silk robe
Silk robe with women charming smile, no girth, straight down, and only when moving all flowed out of body curve to faint, is a kind of eternity, hidden sexy. If there is a man to embrace the lightless reluctant to melee, hand to the place of the first ChuiChui nightgown, reoccupy force, is that one holds waist, filled with a robe and spacious space between the waist, the woman that RouMan body become more colorful. This is where the temptation of implicit loose nightgown.

Four, attractive white condole belt
As the saying goes, man is Hermes Handbag the most likely to be conquered, if is white condole of condole belt deserves a woman in red skin, so the man’s desire is completely aroused. I think all the source of desire from the deployment of clothing. Condole belt is the most sensitive parts. This delicate and charming the close-fitting clothing, not everyone can wear, everyone can love. The clothes and people, like people, are the same fate.

Five, black coat buckles with the perfect fusion of pearl
This white windbreaker, small black button well-made, elegant, coco close-fitting shape. While this is tie-in, make the finishing point is the beauty of the ultra-long pearl necklace, optional and have scattered in the bosom of the level, make the person look radiant! Magic ah, this is amazing! Deserve 555 ~ ~ ~ want a necklace…
Six, black feather brought ornament fang skirt
Black tassel ornament, simple white skirt, elegant personality. She is bright white, black, the love of self maintenance firm faith, but in reality the opposite chanel, and find the perfect balance. She is Moncler passionate love, but never lose yourself. Faith and insisted that she got the man always respect and memories.

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Herve Leger Dresses Appears Women’s Elegance

Herve leger by women’s wear.They wear clothes appears identity elegance. In our store has many design for you chooes.You can certainly find your favorite one. We had to wear bandage is new,there are many colors to choose from.If you put on this herve leger sale appeared in the party, you will be like a queen herve bandage dress hailed as..Herve Leger Contrast V-Neck Fitted Dress are surely one of the most popular women’s dresses for parties. The reason why these bandage dresses are the favorite for women is because of their quality and style and, of course, because they are comfortable.Details in the design of the spring and summer series of herve leger 2010 women less feminine characteristics, but more movement elements.Herve Leger SaleSporty short body coat, tight-fitting silk dress in an attractive blazer for an elegant series adds a touch of boy childish, Herve Leger on Sale the whole series to the light-hearted feel comfortable, so confident of the natural beauty of Ms. distributed, every female dream clothes.Herve Leger Dresses are committed to shaping the women’s physical beauty, there are lines showing gentle sense of female silhouettes.Herve Leger Dresses everywhere are closely physically cutting, carving out the perfect female body shape. From its inception, Herve Leger 2010 smart and sexy style has attracted many international clients, this one has the world’s most beautiful and fashionable women.

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