See the man from the dressing method

See the man from the dressing herve leger method for their taste: many men wear not fastidious, even the most basic lack of tie-in problem, resulting in loss in front of female image is very serious. Let us look at those clad method is the most not when it.

The suit is tie-in, not the appreciation in their “suit” wear short-sleeved shirt in strain capacity, or criticized for their western etiquette education of the serious lack of clothing. Remember correctly, and only when you are on top, complete suit herve leger bandage dress must wear long-sleeved shirt.

Suit bag with sundry

In some places we met many pants pocket suit or fraternity stuffed with leather, key, mobile phone, change, PDA, such as object destruction will only looks elegant texture, best suit is not put any likelihood when things, and it is easy to cause the suit deformation, experts advise if you don’t want to let these goods, best can choose a sense of cortical bag to put right.

Shirts are to wear

Many brothers always thought in the shirt even some within the coat of edge grinding, small stain should not affect the appearance, however is decent is easy to give a person a Hermes Handbag kind of military, especially the performance of wear neckties. Especially After all, the suit is very exquisite, even created under the shirt is not suit to ignore, particularly in the shirt cuffs, appear more avoid wear knitting, yellow or besmirch, etc. Besides shirt cuffs and long relationship with suits, experts say, should be both hands is lop, long sleeve shirt sleeve over suit Moncler about 0.5 cm to 1 cm for beauty and polite, But with the shirt of leisure suit, inside the shirt sleeve will not come to light.

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