See the ideal to take a secret chanel fashion addiction

The World Cup herve leger is a visual regale, let the person DianSanDaoSi love ball had enough eyes fan! Meanwhile the world also have a visual feast, that is, “chanel secret ideal. Very early on chanel has peculiar affection, and I believe that a lot of, for this woman is incomparable beauty and talent and fascinating. In her belief in love, no matter how intoxicated, always remember – the company’s business life is. Finally to theaters taste the French fashion, reveal a woman of strong returns with mysterious beauty, in the whole movie costumes of visible. Fashion modeling of many window, let a person experience of a thorough manner of unconventional talented:

With a suit, and pleat hat
Chanel garment has been walking in front, leading the fashion of women in the film, the aesthetic breakthrough is not exceptional also, see ms chanel, white shirts and ties with dark, dark dust coat, black close-fitting cortex, gloves, a dark DaYanMao appearing in the simple elegance, handsome neutral beauty fascinating ~ ~ especially like she was beautiful, Coco pleat contained in the determination of personality in the herve leger bandage dress body, tie-in.
Second, the black paint with the leng yan

Black is said to eternal colour, compared to white, but undoubtedly more mysterious, more elegant, but also very easy to feel boring. This small black dress, with gauze qualitative material collocation with bright, good resolved black drab, add black gauze, gloves, have the charm, haggard really cool!
Third, the elegant silk robe
Silk robe with women charming smile, no girth, straight down, and only when moving all flowed out of body curve to faint, is a kind of eternity, hidden sexy. If there is a man to embrace the lightless reluctant to melee, hand to the place of the first ChuiChui nightgown, reoccupy force, is that one holds waist, filled with a robe and spacious space between the waist, the woman that RouMan body become more colorful. This is where the temptation of implicit loose nightgown.

Four, attractive white condole belt
As the saying goes, man is Hermes Handbag the most likely to be conquered, if is white condole of condole belt deserves a woman in red skin, so the man’s desire is completely aroused. I think all the source of desire from the deployment of clothing. Condole belt is the most sensitive parts. This delicate and charming the close-fitting clothing, not everyone can wear, everyone can love. The clothes and people, like people, are the same fate.

Five, black coat buckles with the perfect fusion of pearl
This white windbreaker, small black button well-made, elegant, coco close-fitting shape. While this is tie-in, make the finishing point is the beauty of the ultra-long pearl necklace, optional and have scattered in the bosom of the level, make the person look radiant! Magic ah, this is amazing! Deserve 555 ~ ~ ~ want a necklace…
Six, black feather brought ornament fang skirt
Black tassel ornament, simple white skirt, elegant personality. She is bright white, black, the love of self maintenance firm faith, but in reality the opposite chanel, and find the perfect balance. She is Moncler passionate love, but never lose yourself. Faith and insisted that she got the man always respect and memories.

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