The general election, Hispanic stylist flied in Afghanistan

London greatly small clothing designer, want more than this goal, not only should jump carp, for eighteen use martial arts, even a little “fathers upstream of small luck with independent, such as just less than five years Yousefzada Osman dress stylist, as second-generation immigrants, although Kate Moss and Vogue British edition, all buy his clothes, but he can become the recent media spotlight London sizes obviously and his Afghan lineage.
Since the michelle Obama WuJiGang stylist Jason (Asian), the general election Wu Mrs Candidates in popular support their native brand and strength, Hispanic immigrants designers. David Cameron, for example, Mrs. The candidate with a model figure, samantha, she went close to people, Martha department of route. Parity Incumbent prime minister Gordon’s wife Sarah is a time of micro fat, she has been actively involved in middle-aged London fashion industry’s size, physically support to young designers. Now election, Sarah began to consider how to help my husband won the immigration votes. This kind of circumstance, Afghanistan and very good at designing clothing lineages of Osman Ottoman) (emerge as the reds, she recently Sarah, his breath to order five skirt. At that time, the fashion circle of people began to inquire outside, hausmann, who is he?

This year, 36 Ottoman in Birmingham, home grown six people have brothers and sisters. Small shop, mom running for Asian women making traditional gown, hausmann dozen small helped mother, his father was quite being second banana conservative Muslim parents never hope son as a tailor. The Ottoman grew was the university of London school, but the

anthropological from Birmingham conservative family Afghan African boy quickly by London attractive nightlife, attracted all the time, when he spent began to give yourself a gorgeous dress on the party, not a few months he left London university. He tried to famous costume design, but because of the university of London school of debt, forced to return to Birmingham. After tossing, young African boy’s life in Afghanistan, the prodigal son finally returned to daily orbit at university college London, as return back after diploma to Cambridge. A period of time after the administrative personnel and the boring in September 2005, the Ottoman formally decided: I want to be a fashion designer.
Though expensive for the prime minister’s wife, stylist Ottoman concede life still distress: “the day is always JinBaBa, a bit neurotic the heat and sighed,” he told reporters: oneself everyday for survival in order to receive a struggle, but will fortify to £7, casting a sophisticated clothing show.

During his visit, the time for potential investors, and suppliers, every night after bargaining at he didn’t have time to do. Design inspiration in his bath usually appears in a mirror, he will use towel wrapped himself again. In his opinion, “precise cutting like cosmetic surgery, helps the body appropriately handle dewlap, making at least one look long legs.” British edition Ed is Vogue of his mentor, she told him: “fashion shouldn’t and age. 20 and 50 years old lady girls can wear very fashionable.
Although his fame and his Afghan ancestry, hausmann insisted: “I’m a British man, I’m with the British cultural diversity.”

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