Men’s conference – suit pants 2011

Recall that 2011 chun xia men and this herve leger season than last season, there are many details of the constant change is to continue this preference suit with traditional tie-in knickers, such collocation means to seem small gradually extended to the public.

This season and dolce &gabbana different season, the feeling is very rural, shopping bags, paper models portable color suit with edge knickers, relaxed

A whole series of Thom Browne mostly suit with shorts, citric yellow lips very ghost horse, fish, some graphics which tong qu
Comme des Garcons Comme des Garcons, she is the landmark of the suit with low dang pants, skeletal pattern let whole collocation more distinct personality
The design is very seriously Rolf & comparison of fabric, suit brought on smooth fabric (or the color of chitin) with smooth and kung was sealed make lumbar fabrics, the details of the texture shorts contrast feeling very delicate.
Noten Van – the suit with the very concise pants of his signs – national elements, the feeling is clean, relaxed and optional
Agnes. B always walk herve leger bandage dress concise design line, this one season to continue his classic black and white ash, fabrics texture is very good
Jil Sander is opposite, color contrast, red fizzles out of the blue and yellow color and jump very stimulating the big aptly

Kenzo design is very implicative, depth of color, fabric in colour collocation suits stripe shorts are hold proper

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